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Project Township Connections Year Completed Details
Franklin County Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Study (SSES)

Franklin County Department of Sanitary Engineering is conducting an area-wide Sewer System Evaluation Study (SSES) to assess the sanitary sewer system serving Franklin County customers.

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Darbydale WWTP Enhancements      
Oakhurst Knolls WWTP Replacement      
Century Acres WWTP Replacement      

Sanitary Sewer Improvements per Water Quality Projects

Project Township Connections Year Completed Details
Water Quality Program

The Low Income Water and Sewer Discount Program will offer a 20% discount on charges for water and sewer usage to customers who meet certain income requirements.

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Stimmel Road   Franklin   18   Future
Ferris Road   Mifflin   74   Future
Hague Avenue   Franklin   75   Future
Kanawha and Rosslyn Avenues   Sharon   175   Future
Mon-E-Bak   Franklin   360   2017 View Project Details
Brown Rd East   Franklin   290   2017 View Project Details
Eureka Park   Franklin   68   2015
Village of Harrisburg   Pleasant   164   2011
Fern Agler   Mifflin   25   2010
Timberlake Subdivision   Pleasant   198   2010
Cleveland Heights Phase 3   Blendon   58   2010
Leonard Park   Mifflin   166   2006
Harrisburg Pike   Jackson   3   2005
Darbydale   Pleasant   774   2005
Brown Rd West   Franklin   55   2005
Briggsdale   Franklin   56   2005
Englewood   Mifflin   19   2004
Cleveland Heights Phase 1 & 2   Blendon   127   2004
San Margherita   Franklin   164   2003
Marsdale   Prairie   22   2000
Emmit/Mix   Prairie   62   1998