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Project Area Affected Roads

Mon-E-Bak: Four areas comprise Mon-E-Bak.

  • Area 1: Brookside Blvd., Dover Rd., Plainview Dr., Gladstone Ave. and alleys
  • Area 2: El Paso Dr., Hague Ave., Lowell Dr. (east of Hague), Ramona Pl., Furlong Rd. and easements
  • Area 3: Ponderosa Dr. (Fisher Rd. is complete, accepted and not included in this project) and easements
  • Area 4: Maclam Dr., Lowell Dr. and El Paso Dr. (both east of Wilson Rd.) and easements


Brown Road East (east of Brown Road):

Little Ave., West Park Ave., Richter Rd., Avis Rd., Engadine Ave., Brownleaf Rd., Greenleaf Rd., Hart Rd. and easement areas



The project schedule was updated in October 2017 to reflect delays caused by unforeseen circumstances. Dates are always subject to change due to elements beyond control, such as weather.




  • Why has this project taken so long? 
    Unfortunately, the original contractor who was hired to perform construction in both Mon-E-Bak and Brown Road East failed to properly complete the sewer construction to acceptable standards per the plans and specifications. The Franklin County Board of Commissioners determined it was in the best interest of the public to complete the projects, with its own funds, while simultaneously continuing to work on resolution with the original contractor’s surety.
  • What costs will I have to connect to the sewer? 
    There is a cost that is negotiated with an approved contractor to abandon the septic or aerator system and connect to the public sewer. This cost is between the owner and the contractor. Franklin County charges a capacity fee, meter fee (if not on public water) and permit fee. Much of the capacity fee is turned over to the City of Columbus Department of Public Utilities as they are the receiver and ultimately treater of the wastewater. Currently, a typical residential capacity fee is $3,348. The meter fee is $250 and the permit/inspection fee is $85. Franklin County Public Health has a Home Sewerage Treatment System Abandonment Form and that fee is $35. Fees are subject to change. 

    For more information and to find an approved contractor, download the Connection Process.
  • Is financial assistance available? 
    Yes. Financial assistance is available to those who meet all financial assistance program requirements. The deadline to file an application is Feb. 16, 2018.
  • How do I know if I’m eligible for financial assistance? 
    Information regarding program eligibility is available on the FAQs page and on the application. You may also contact Benjamin Amick at 614-282-2959 or [email protected] to get answers to your questions.
  • How do I apply for financial assistance? 
    Applications to apply or financial assistance are available for those who meet all financial assistance program requirements. We encourage you to complete and mail or fax the application right away. Application are available:
    Download the application Financial Assistance Application
    Public meetings:
    Applications will be available for pick up at both public meetings. 
    By email:
    Contact Benjamin Amick at 614-282-2959 or [email protected] to receive a copy of the application by email.
    Pick up: 
    Applications are available at the Franklin County Department of Sanitary Engineering office at 280 East Broad Street, 2nd Floor, Columbus, Ohio 43215.
  • How do I submit my application?
    By email:
    Franklin County Department of Sanitary Engineering
    Attn: Benjamin Amick–Financial Assistance Application
    280 East Broad Street, 2nd Floor
    Columbus, Ohio 43215-6314 
    By fax:
    Attn: Benjamin Amick–Financial Assistance Application

    Do not bring your completed application or supporting documents to the public meetings or send them via email. This is to protect your personal information.

  • What if I have questions about completing the application? 
    Download the Financial Assistance Fact Sheet or contact Benjamin Amick at 614-282-2959 or [email protected].
  • What if I’m not eligible for financial assistance? 
    Those who do not meet the qualifications for financial assistance will need to review the sanitary sewer connection process. For questions regarding the process contact the FCSE Permits desk at 614-525-4757.
  • Will I get public water? 
    This project completed the sewer system only. The City of Columbus has some water mains in Brown Road East and in some parts of Mon-E-Bak. However, there are no immediate plans for the County to provide a public water system in the remaining sewered areas.


For financial assistance support and to confirm eligibility, contact:

Amick Municipal Consulting Group, LLC
Benjamin Amick
[email protected]

If you do not qualify for financial assistance, contact:

Franklin County Department of Sanitary Engineering
Permits desk