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Commissioners Receive Report on Water, Sewer Operations

The Franklin County Commissioners have received a report on a contracted review of the county’s Department of Sanitary Engineering, which provides water and sewer service to about 7,000 county residents.  The commissioners contracted in April with Raftelis Financial Consultants to provide the professional review, which covered operations, costs of service, contractual agreements, and rates, among other topics.

The complete 108-page report may be downloaded below.

Water Quality Reports

The Department of Sanitary Engineering is responsible for providing a safe and dependable supply of drinking water to 40,000 residents in Franklin County.

Each year the department is required to provide a Water Quality Report for each district that provides a scientific analysis of the water to its customers.

Here are the reports for 2013:

New Water and Sewer Discount Program for Low Income Residents

The Franklin County Commissioners have approved a discount program for low-income water and sewer customers. The Department of Sanitary Engineering provides water and sewer service to approximately 40,000 residents. The Low Income Water and Sewer Discount Program will offer a 20% discount on charges for water and sewer usage to customers who meet certain income requirements.

Water Conservation Tips

Through simple daily tasks or the installation of water-efficient products, there are many ways to decrease water and energy use - which saves money on utility bills. When it comes to home repairs, time is of the essence: if you find a leaky pipe: a seemingly small leak can waste 70-100 gallons of water per day.

Water Quality Partnership

The purpose of the Water Quality Partnership program (WQP) is to provide pollution corrective action plans and engineering services to the residents of the affected area so they can live free of health hazards that result from failed home wastewater disposal systems.


The Sanitary Engineer provides safe water and sewer services for the residents of Franklin County in order to protect both our environment and our standard of living.

Marilyn Brown President
Paula Brooks
John O'Grady