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Franklin County has contracted with a team of professionals to resume work in the Mon-E-Bak and Brown Road East sewer areas. The purpose of this effort is to provide public sewer infrastructure so that home sewage treatments can be abandoned and water quality can be improved. The Mon-E-Bak and Brown Road East areas are part of the Water Quality Partnership areas determined by the health department to have failing septic or aeration systems.

General work to be performed:

  • Sewer acceptance testing
  • Inspect/replace previously installed sewer sections for pipe sag or slope problems
  • Install remaining sewers in Brown Road East
  • Complete work on Brown Road East pump station
  • Sewer acceptance testing
  • Clean up and repair certain staging areas from original project
  • Finalize road paving from original project
  • Check manhole castings in roadway and adjust to final grade
  • Check storm drains in project areas

See Paving the Way’s website for temporary and long term closures and detours. Call the project hotline at 614-525-4751 for weekly updates or to leave a message with concerns. The hotline is updated every Monday by 1 PM.

John O'Grady President
Marilyn Brown
Kevin L. Boyce